The Missing Boys

“An engrossing, chilling and intricate small-town mystery. Hoard has created a clever amateur sleuth that mystery fans will rally around.” -BestThrillers

In the past eighteen months four young men have gone missing from Tyson County.

When fourteen-year-old Ryan Westmore’s older brother Phil abruptly flees home after taking a job hauling auto parts, Ryan suspects that all five boys have been murdered. But proving a murder isn’t easy in a dying county where many high school graduates leave to find a better life.

Phil’s former girlfriend is the next to suspect foul play, and together, she and Ryan attempt to involve her father, Monty Floyd, the District Attorney of Tyson County. Monty is sympathetic to their fears, but where is the evidence?

With the Tyson pool closed for the summer, Ryan, a champion swimmer, must find another place to train. When he and his two friends discover a nearby secluded lake, Ryan swims for stardom but stumbles across the evidence necessary to put an end to Tyson’s trail of tears.


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